Aluminium Canopies

Formprops prides itself on being one of the leading aluminium canopy manufacturers in South Africa. We strive to deliver a custom-made aluminium canopy with a unique design designed to meet your needs.

Highest Safety Standards

Our Aluminium Canopies have been designed and tested to the highest standards.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Formprops’ Aluminium Canopies offer style, strength and durability; we achieve this through superior quality, functionality and aesthetically pleasing products of the highest standard.


Formprops will custom fit any vehicle or machine in your fleet, so you have the best possible canopy.

At Formprops, we believe that there are no rules to canopies. What works for one customer may not work for another. Your needs, and therefore, your vehicle, is continually evolving to suit your lifestyle.

Our team realises that three factors are vital to the success of a canopy. These are weight, strength and versatility. The dilemma was to find a material that offers the best combination of all three of these factors, which is why the material that Formprops chose was Aluminum. Aluminium provides the best possible (and most economical) strength-to-weight ratio.

Apart from the apparent strength/weight benefits, we favour Aluminium for its unsurpassed corrosion-resistance, as well as its UV stability, repair-ability, and of course its flexibility.

Which is why our canopies are made from Aluminium; this includes the frame. The canopy frames are powder coated for durability, and we offer various colours, our standard colours are white, silver and grey. You also have the option to add windows, roof rack, water/fuel tank, burglar bars, lights, compartments (partitioning), drawers and brackets for fuel/water tanks.

Our team is committed to providing you with an Aluminium Canopy that suits your requirements and needs; please chat to us should you require any additional optional extras, we will do our utmost to make your dream canopy a reality.

Aluminium Canopies

Our Canopies made from high quality, aluminium profiles and aluminium tread plate. Formprops’ Canopies are designed and manufactured to fit all makes of bakkies; Single cab, Double cab and Extended/King/Half cabs.  

Optional extras are:

  • Air Vents
  • Ammo Crate Sliders
  • Burglar Bars for windows
  • Drawer systems
  • Fire Extinguisher & Gas Bottle holders
  • LED Lights
  • Powder-coated frames in various colours
  • Rack with Aluminium fold-up camping table
  • Roof Rack
  • Slider for Camping Fridge/Freezer
  • Sliding Windows
  • Solid Windows
  • Water Tank
Aluminium Canopies for Bakkies

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