HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection Systems (ROPS)

The HALO™ ROPS was developed by Duys Engineering to be the most effective and economical means of mitigating deaths and injuries in rollover crashes.

Highest Safety Standards

Our ROPS (Rollover Occupant Protection Systems), have been designed and tested to the highest standards.


Minimise Injury

They are designed to minimise the likelihood of operator and passenger injury resulting from accidental overturning.


Formprops will custom fit any vehicle or machine in your fleet, so you have the best possible protection.

HALO™ Roll-Over Protection Systems is a structure whose primary purpose is to reduce the possibility of your personnel from being crushed or otherwise seriously injured should the vehicles in which they are transported in rollover.

The HALO™ ROPS is a comprehensive design which consists of an optimised tubular structure mounted on the vehicle roof similar to a roof rack in combination with internal pillar reinforcements that stay within the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plastic trim to maintain the interior space and appearance.

The HALO™ functions by tying all of the underlying vehicle’s vertical pillars together and reforming the vehicle’s trapezoidal cross-sectional shape while drawing on the internal reinforcement’s added vertical support.

All ROPS are certified and fitted under license for DUYS engineering at our premises.


One of the greatest needs identified for rollover protection is associated with occupants of light utility vehicles (SUV’s, Bakkies and Vans) because of the vehicles higher centre of gravity, which increases the vehicles rollover potential. The potential for a light-duty vehicle rolling over increases when laden with cargo or if the vehicle is travelling offroad and on mines.

Formprops offers a complete solution with our certified HALO™ ROPS. HALO™ ROPS are designed to provide maximum protection from rollovers and falling objects.

The HALO™ ROPS is a state-of-the-art Rollover Occupant Protection System for Light to Medium Duty vehicles. HALO™ enhances the geometry and structure of a vehicle, thereby reducing point load impacting while joining the structural components together to distribute the loads to minimise roof crush and occupant injury.  



The HALO™ is a dynamically tested ROPS that maintains the Major Radius and minimises Roof Crush and Occupant Injury.


  • Dynamically tested to optimise rollover performance.
  • Reduced point load impacts to front roof corners.
  • Allows deployment of seat and window curtain airbags.
  • Lightweight design minimally affects CG or payload capacity.
  • Enhanced Side Impact Protection from reinforcements.
  • Limits roof crush and crush speed to maintain Occupant Survival Space and restraint function.
  • Unique cross member and roll hoop design join the structural components together to MINIMISE ROOF CRUSH and OCCUPANT INJURY
HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection Systems (ROPS)

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