Mine Compliant Vehicle Rentals

  • Formprops ability to supply South Africa’s mining industry with mine-spec vehicles is surpassed only our ability to meet client-specific needs, including innovative solutions in design.
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Mine Compliant Vehicle Rentals

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Mine safety/compliancy is a conversion executed on vehicles to comply to safety standards for use on the mine. With the success on life saving statistics, this safety feature has been incorporated and is on demand on building and construction sites as well to improve safety standards accordingly.

Mine Spec Bakkie Rental | Mine Compliant Vehicle Rentals

Mine Compliant

All of our Mine Spec vehicles are compliant within the guidelines set out by the South African Mine Health and Safety Act. We are happy to discuss any custom spec vehicles that your company may require.

Not only just for mines

Mine Spec vehicles are not only used on mines but also at construction sites where increased safety is imperative. These vehicles need to meet the visibility and identification standards as laid out by the Mine Health and Safety Act at each operation.

Wide Range of Vehicles

Our fleet includes both Single and Double cab Mine Spec bakkies that contain all the required and regulatory safety signage and equipment.


Vehicles ranging from one single vehicle to an entire fleet

Mine Spec vehicles are not only used on mines but also at construction sites where increased safety is imperative. Our mine spec vehicle rentals are available with the following options.

Mine Spec Bakkie Rental
Roll Over Protection Systems ( ROPS )

Rollover Occupant protection systems (ROPS) is a structure whose primary purpose is to reduce the possibility of your personnel from being crushed or otherwise seriously injured should the vehicles in which they are transported in experience a rollover.

Elevated Lights

Working Lamps

Spot Lights


Reverse Alarm

Battery Isolator Switch

Fire Extinguisher ( 2.5Kg, 9 Kg )

Buggy Whip Flag & Bracket

Toolbox Canopy ( With or without Park, Indicator & Reverse Lights )

Toolbox canopies will give your company the ultimate storage solution to store your valuable equipment, spares and stock.

Lockable Loadbin Cover

Two Way Radio ( UHF or VHF )

Ballpin Kit

Vice Plate

Bench Vice

PVC Seat Covers

Wrap Around Bullbar

Emergency Triangles

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Stop Blocks

Cargo Net

Reflective Tape

ID Call Branding

Cargo Rachet Straps

Animal Lover Whistle

First Aid Kit

Reverse camera

C-Track Car Management

Safemine Systems can be installed for the client’s account

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