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Falling Objects Protection Systems (FOPS)

A falling-object protection system (FOPS) is a safety device fitted to a vehicle that provides reasonable protection for the driver and occupants against accidental falling objects.

Highest Safety Standards

Our FOPS (Falling-Object Protection Systems), have been designed and tested to the highest standards.


Minimise Injury

They are designed to minimise the likelihood of operator and passenger injury resulting from objects falling on the vehicle.


Formprops will custom fit any vehicle or machine in your fleet, so you have the best possible protection.

When working in hazardous environments like mining, construction, farming and forestry sites, safety is of paramount importance and should be your top priority. Such an environment can pose several risks to vehicle operators and occupants, such as heavy falling objects.

Without the correct protection on your vehicle, such accidents can cause severe injuries or even death, which is one of the reasons why most mines now insist on FOBS being installed as part of their FRCP (Fatal Risk Control Protocol).

Formprops understands that while you want safety, you also would like your vehicle to be aesthetically pleasing, which is why our ROPS and FOPS are designed to complement the vehicle and is considered a value-adding product that provides safety without sacrificing the look of your vehicles.


Our light-duty commercial vehicle (bakkies) FOPS have been designed and tested to the highest standards internationally. Formprops will ensure that the FOPS for your vehicle/machine is the best possible fit for your vehicle. Formprops will custom fit any type of vehicle or machine in your fleet, so your employees will have the best possible protection. We can support any make or model of light-duty commercial vehicles.

All FOPS structures are designed, destructively tested, manufactured, fitted and certified in accordance with ISO 3471:2008 and ISO 3449:2005. A certification plate displaying the relevant information regarding our ROPS/FOBS is attached to the system in accordance with international standards.

Falling-Objects Protection Systems

Mining Companies are one of the leaders in workplace safety. Over the years, they have honed and developed their safety systems to ensure that their employees and contractors are protected within their high risk and potentially dangerous environment.

Formprops is committed to following the rules and regulations as set by mining companies in South Africa. We continuously keep abreast of changes and technology advancements worldwide.

With our commitment to safety, all ROPS and FOPS installed on personnel carriers are thoroughly tested and certified.

Quality Management Systems are put in place to ensure that Formprops delivers only the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Formprops is committed to ensuring our customers cost-effective and quality products within the fastest time frames.

Falling Objects Protection Systems (FOPS)

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